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First Timer? Get started by booking your first class and create your account here.

On to your second class or a BEND regular? Download our app on iOS and Android app and log to your BEND account to continue booking classes and access discounted Credit Packs.


We made the use of credits simple so you understand what you are paying for: 1 credit = £1.

The amount of credits needed to book varies by class. It is possible to buy single-class credit packs, which is a great way to get started and try out a new class.

For BEND regulars, we created Credit Packs aiming to save you money and streamline your booking experience: purchase credits in bulk at discounted rates and use them on any classes available on BEND.

Credit Packs

Buy credits in bulk to save money and streamline your booking experience. Credits Packs are only available for purchase from the BEND iOS and Android App.

Need Extra Wiggle Room?

We aim to make movement accessible for all queers. If this ain't your month bbz - DM us for a temporary discount, we’d be thrilled to have you join us.


Which classes can I attend?

BEND classes are for all queers and trans identifying people. Some classes, however, are designed for specific groups — make sure you check the inclusion policy of individual classes before booking in.

Where can I use my credits?

Credits purchased in bulk can be used on any classes available on BEND. Credits purchased for single-class packs can only be used on the related class.

The class is fully booked, can I get on a waiting list?

Yes! When a class is fully booked, the BEND iOS and Android App will allow you to register on the waiting list. Once a spot frees up, the person next in line will automatically be added to the class and will be notified via email.

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What happens if I want to cancel a class?

Cancelling a class is easy: log into your BEND account on the BEND iOS and Android App, find your class and hit ‘Cancel’. Make sure you cancel at least 4 hours before the time of the class to get the credits refunded, otherwise the full class fee will be charged.

What happens if I miss a class?

Our trainers plan their classes based on the number of bookings — if you do not attend the class and did not cancel it in time, the full class fee will be charged.

What if I don’t use all of my credits?

Credits are valid for a comfortable period of time, based on the number of credits purchased per pack. Make sure you use them before their expiry date or they’ll be lost.

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