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BEND brings together a range of classes by and for queers.

Below you'll find the classes currently booking through BEND, including running, strength, yoga, boxing and more.

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Hot Girl Boxing


HOT GIRL BOXING - was created to break down the barriers to boxing to deliver boxing in a camp, fun and welcoming space. Classes will take you through Boxing fundamentals, drills and partner work to challenge your skills. Whatever your experience; brand new or seasoned pro, the doors are open to the greatest sport on Earth.

Lunges in Leggings


Lunges in Leggings is an East London queer friendly fitness community offering a mix of bootcamp, calisthenics, and yoga classes

Pecs Education


PECS EDUCATION - is a trans masc, non-binary strength and conditioning class. We lift weights and use bodyweight movements in order to condition and tone areas of the body that you may be experiencing dysphoria with. This is an open and safe forum to discuss our trans bodies. If you're looking for somewhere to talk through hormone use and the impact of taking T on your body, or even somewhere to share lived experience of being trans, this is it.



RIOT RIDE - is a safe space for queer people to cycle together, designed to give you a full mind/body experience that builds stronger athletic conditioning. A challenging cardio workout, be prepared to climb, sprint, trust your body and sweat it out as you ride to the beat of the music. We try our hardest to make everyone welcome no matter how much experience you have.

Queer Running Club


QUEER RUNNING CLUB - is a safe space for queer people to run together. Every month we run in a different way. This includes: hill sprints, paced run, sprints, and a long(ish) run. The longest we run is 10km on the long run. We really try our hardest to make everyone welcome no matter what pace you run.

Queer Salsa


QUEER SALSA - brings together salsa lovers from the queer community to connect with one another through partner dance in a welcoming space. We collaborate with the Latinx community in London to run classes, socials and parties to celebrate Latinx culture and promote queer partner dance in club spaces.

Queer Strength


QUEER STRENGTH classes are built around cardio, strength and mobility, with room for adaptations according to your level and space for your questions. In these circuit sessions we work with our whole body through a range of movements that will hopefully leave you sweaty, happy and curious about improving a skill set. Music recommendations are always welcome!

Queer Yoga


QUEER YOGA - This class is for every level, every body and every soul. Expect an excellent playlist and fun vibes in this hour-long flow. The class will be a mix of grounding and meditation, chill movement and some challenges.

The 11th House


The Proud Gym


The queer PE class of your dreams, the Queer Workout Club is a safe space for LGBTQ+ folks to come together and get fit outside of conventional gym spaces.



A safe & supportive fitness space for Trans+ people of all abilities

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