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Georgie, Kole and Nita are really good mates.

We met whilst training and it was one of those lightning bolt moments when we all realised that we loved moving together. When we discovered that we all have very different skill sets and could learn from one another, that’s when the magic happened. There’s nothing quite like playing some absolute bangers and working out with your friends who actually see you. We’ve all been training ourselves and others professionally for a very long time.

We met JB at Queer Running Club and Queer Yoga, and he just instantly got it. He’s the reason we’re here, without him we’d probably still be in the gym listening to techno and talking about how amazing workouts with loads of queers could be.


Pronouns: They/He

Classes: Queer Running Club and Pecs Education

Kole has been a running coach and personal trainer since 2019. Their focus has always been on encouraging all bodies to move with confidence and ease. They are currently completing their practice based, creative writing, doctoral research on trans athletes at Queen Mary's University of London. Their research informs their practice and vice versa, all of their 121 clients are trans and queer generating a rich understanding of queer lived experience. They are the founder of Queer Running Club and co-founder of Pecs Education. Kole believes the learning never stops, their curiosity for movement and embodied practice is what they dedicate their life to.

Credentials and specialist training:

Active IQ: Personal trainer Level 3 / Fitness Instructor Level 2. England Athletics Coach in Running Fitness, 250 hours YTT, trained with Train Fitness: Kettlebells, Olympic Lifting. Currently studying, Strength and Conditioning, Level 4.


Pronouns: They/Them

Classes: Queer Yoga

Nita is a professional dancer from Mexico.

After performing for many years they discovered the joy and importance of sharing the love for movement with others. They now teach inclusive, creative, non-gendered ballet to children and adults. They found a love for yoga more than 8 years ago, and teach vinyasa around London, including Queer Yoga. Their focus is on getting people to love and understand movement in their body, individuality and strength.


Ballet, contemporary and experimental dance +30 years. 250-hours yoga teacher.


Pronouns: They/Them

Classes: Pecs Education

Georgie has been working as a personal trainer and fitness instructor since 2016, and most recently became a trainer for Nike. They’ve taught in some of the most well-known studios in Europe, including Barry’s Bootcamp in London and Stockholm and 1Rebel in London. In 2021 they co-founded Pecs Education along with Kole Fulmine, a popular twice-weekly strength and conditioning class for transmasculine people. Having taught boxing, spin, running and HIIT over the years, their focus these days is on helping PT clients feel stronger and more confident in the bodies they're in, whether that's in the parks of East London or with clients around the world online.

Credentials and specialist training

Premier NASM level 2 & 3 fitness instructor/ personal trainer, HFE level 3 pre- and post-natal exercis


Pronouns: He/They

JB is a tech geek and multi-sports lover, working in business operations by day and practising swimming, running, yoga, Muay Thai and gymnastics in his spare time. He met Kole, Nita, and Georgie in 2021 at Queer Running Club and Queer Yoga and was quickly drawn by their shared vision of community and queer movement. JB joined the team and puts his ops skills to work, with an aim to make BEND a more comprehensive booking platform for all the queers to use.

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